Justification by Faith

After our discussion at last week’s St. John 101 session about (amongst other things) Paul’s writings concerning grace, faith and works, I stumbled across this blog post, a daily meditation written by Richard Rohr.

I find comfort in Mr. Rohr’s idea about Paul taking an “outer” God and internalizing God . . .  making God part of our very beings.  Isn’t that what we mean when we talk about a church transforming someone?

Here’s a link to the article.  Do you agree with Mr. Rohr’s other point, that “All people and religions at the early stages try to justify themselves by some form of performance and achievement . . . .”?  Do even Lutherans require Works (with a capital “W”) in order to be justified; not just faith?  Perhaps, as Mr. Rohr implies, justification through faith is a more mature concept based on total faith in the grace granted from an all-loving God?

Justification by Faith

Byzantine fresco

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