Coming to Terms

Just read an inspiring piece in the April edition of The Lutheran.  In her column, “Coming to Terms with the Times,” ELCA Presiding Bishop, Elizabeth Eaton ruminates about something she is asked quite a bit:  how do we save the church?

Things have certainly changed in the our society since the “glory days” of mainline churches, like the church started by Martin Luther.  I agree wholeheartedly with the Bishop’s conclusions, especially that we sometimes get caught up in just keeping things going, maintaining what we have; instead of reaching outside of the church doors to share God’ love with those in need.  Of course, we know the church isn’t the building, and, even though we revel in our church family, the church isn’t just the people . . . it’s more than you and me.

It’s not my church or your church. This is God’s church. As the Bishop points out, we invite others to be part of our community “—not because we want to grow or pay for the boiler or attract young people,” but because we want all of us to be transformed.

Here’s a link to the article.  Do you agree with Bishop Eaton?  Has “Jesus become like wallpaper,” something that’s just there that no one talks about?  How can we see God at work in the the world, and share the good news of God’s love with others?

Coming to Term with the Times


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  1. bailey2oc says:

    Well said Glen. There was also an interesting reflection in the same Lutheran titled Paschal predictability! Ivan

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