Love God with your mind? Freedom or Slavery?

Considering our conversation at this morning’s 101 session concerning loving God with our minds, free will, lifting of the spirit leading to freedom, and the close-minded, closed inward approach of some churches, I thought you might be interested in this article entitled, “Why Fundamentalist Christians Fear Intellectualism.”

What do you think?  Do Fundamentalist christians put up a wall against any thinking outside of their own dogma?  Does that mean they don’t love God with their whole mind?  Do we close our own minds to new ideas or practices just because “we’ve never done it that way?”


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4 Responses to Love God with your mind? Freedom or Slavery?

  1. Ada Henrich says:

    The forum of talking about our beliefs with our 101 group is so very helpful in understanding who I am as a Christian. New ideas are mingled with historical foundations. Sometimes what we think is of as new is really an old practice that has not had its due attention for a while. God gave us the ability to think and feel for a reason. If we followed strict rules without question and never challenged our beliefs we couldn’t grow. I’m thankful to be able to share and learn with my church family.

    • Glen Stewart says:

      I’m so glad you find our 101 discussions enjoyable, educational, and inspirational. That’s the whole reason we started these conversations. I agree that if we don’t challenge or question, then we would never grow. Instead of slavery, considered thought can set us free!

  2. Merryn says:

    I cannot imagine where I would be today in my “belief system” if God stopped providing so many of his children to share their belief and challenge mine. The challenges have opened my brain to see what God has given us and asked us to do.
    To have walls blocking that vision is not fathomable. But could our freedom actually be our walls?

    • Glen Stewart says:

      Life without challenges leads to stagnation. Perhaps, it’s the same with faith. To keep our faith alive, we must discuss, question and challenge. Only then can we break down those walls of slavery. :)

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